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Diploma in Pre-Primary Education

This Diploma course is designed in a way to address the needs of modern classroom and along with that helps the teachers cope up with the vivid requirement that differs from one child to another. The learning needs and ability of the cope up with a given environment for each child is not the same; a better understanding of this could be attained once you rely on Diploma in Pre Primary education that is offered by the best faculty in town at St. Helen’s.

Diploma in Primary Education

This course is perfect for the teachers who are looking for ways to improve their teaching capabilities and enhance their way to face the challenges in a primary classroom. The course is designed in a way that lesson planning techniques is learnt well with perfect exhibition of management skills that help an individual equip himself. The course also benefits individuals towards paving a path towards being employed as a primary teacher!

Diploma in Montessori and Child Education

This is also known as Montessori teacher’s training course. This is the perfect course that is suitable for students to loves to teach children and spend some fruitful time with them. Not all child is equal in their learning skills and co-curricular activities. To make schools a better place for the toddlers, this course is the perfect one that helps individuals learn and develop a deeper understanding of current theories, research in a better way thus understanding children’s interaction with peers and environment.

Advanced Diploma in Montessori and Child Education

The Advanced Montessori and Child Education is designed in a way that the teachers are capable of understanding characteristics and development stages of a child belonging to the age group of 6 to 9 according to the principle of Dr. Montessori. With the mission to create a healthy environment for the students in future the teachers are trained and explained about the planning of lessons and more!

Diploma in Elementary Education(D.El.Ed)

The course covers teaching skills, historical patterns along with some philosophical theories and current classroom trends. This helps change the perspective of teachers and identify the context of such practices and how they have been most effective. This course is especially designed to develop individual student’s persona; motivation!

Hotel Management and Tourism

This study program is directed towards preparing the students through challenging exercises and help them find a rewarding career in tourism. Hotel Management allows the students to master business practices and equip them with the knowledge that is required to carry on with hospitality with the guests. Hotel Management and tourism are two sides of one coin and the faculty at St. Helens’ guides the students towards the correct path!


The term aviation represents a canopy term that includes a lot of minute things. Aviation courses include finding careers in piloting, engineering and mechanics, airport operation and manufacturing aircraft. The faculty at St. Helen’s is perfect in imparting the best lessons that help you make your dream job come true.

Aviation Management & Air-hostess Training Course

We take pride in offering the best faculty and aviation management course. With the zest to work hard and know how to communicate with people, the trainers here offer the best knowledge that includes everything you need to know as an Air- hostess and aviation management. Advanced aviation courses and trainings are provided to the cabin crew candidates who aims to achieve success as cabin crew, air hostess and flight attendants. Choose and Apply for the course that fits best to fulfil your dreams.

Hotel & Tourism Management Course

Tourism Industry is rendered to be one of the complex yet fascinating business almost all over the world. St. Helen’s Hotel and Tourism Management courses are directed towards helping the students pursue their dreams and direct them through the professional path, thus providing technical and managerial skills. Apart from imparting the students a thorough knowledge of tourism business, the faculty at St. Helen’s also helps them manage the entrepreneurial side existent in every individual.

Media Management Course

Media Management courses offered by us include in it the insight to provide opportunities to young creative minds and  help them achieve professional expertise and skill so that they can pursue a career in marketing, communication and media industries in India. Post graduate Diploma courses and specialization in Integrated Marketing communication Management, Broadcast Management, social media and digital marketing is offered by best faculty in the trade thus helping us stand out among various other institution in the trade.

Allied Health Course

St. Helen’s is committed towards offering the best quality learning through proper classroom teaching, clinical and community exposures. These are aided by the guided tours, externship and internship programs, discussions, seminars and journals. The highly trained professionals help in successful completion of the courses thus ensuring high-end healthcare services is offered by the ones taking the courses both in the country and abroad. The main motto of us is to offer well trained problem solvers who are dedicated towards leading the industry, pursuing the research, creating smart health care and much more.


Nursing Patient Care

Nursing is always associated with delivering high-quality patient care and needs the best understanding of medicine alongside adequate Nurse Staffing in Hospitals and Nursing homes. The purpose of this chapter is to summarize and discuss the state of the science examining the impact of nurse staffing in hospitals and other health care organisations on patient care quality, as well as safety-focused outcomes.